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Basil (Ocimum basilicum ct. linalool) - Digestive Aid ~ Mental Focus ~ Muscle Spasms ~ Respiratory Aid Aid


Product Description

Each size comes in an amber glass bottle with orifice reducer.

Basil (Ocinum basilicum ct. linalool) will be taught in the Herbs Essential Oil Blending Class.

Lot #: EOBL914
Use By Date: 9/2019
Method of extraction: Steam distilled from the flowers & leaves
Origin: Egypt

Cultivation Method: Organically Grown
Odor of Intensity: 8
Note: Top


The Body:
*Analgesic ~ gout, headache,  migraine, head cold, & rheumatoid arthritis
*Anti-Inflammatory ~ Gout, stings
*Anti-bacterial - Bronchitis, whooping cough
*Antiseptic - intestinal infections, gastritis
*Antispasmodic - gastric spasm, muscle cramps, menstrual cramps
*Antiviral - viral hepatitis
*Digestive Tonic - stimulate digestive secretions & Peristalsis  
*Natural Insect Repellant - Houseflies & mosquitos
*Relaxant - muscles
*Warming - to skin

The Mind:
*Calming - irritability & anxiety
*Cephalic - Mental fatigue & Clarifying effect on the mind
*May reduce anguish, anxiety, nervous depression, stress related migraine, tinnitus, & vertigo
*Mental Stimulant
*Nervous System Regulator - anxiety, epilepsy, nervous insomnia, nervousness, travel sickness & vertigo

The Spirit:
*Angel Work - helps awaken, bring awareness, & understanding to the angelic world
*Brings about happiness & good luck
*Considered an Angelic Fragrance
*Elevating to the spirit
*Magical properties:  Love, Protection, Wealth
*Money - inhale and visualize your pockets bulging, your bank account accumulating a higher balance, or any other image which you associate with money. (Cunningham S.)

**Maximum dermal dilution: 1.5% (9 drops in 1 oz carrier) due to high eugenol content.   Do NOT use undiluted on the skin.

*AVOID during all stages of pregnancy because
*May cause skin irritation in those who are hypersensitive, with diseased or damaged skin, and children under 2 years of age.
*Store in a cool dark place out of reach of children.
*Excessive inhalation or diffusion can cause headache.

*Avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes.

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