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Crown (7th)


Purpose:  Divine Wisdom & Connection to All
Sanskrit:  Sahasrara   
Bija Mantra:  OM

Facilitates the opening of the crown chakra allowing it to expand and spiritualize the thought process. Connects one to the divine and expands our healing nature.

Essential Oils, Crystals & Stones:
~ Lavender (high altitude) expands one’s healing nature.
~ Frankincense connects one to the divine.
~ Elemi “As above, so below”.
~ Lemongrass helps expand the crown chakra, spiritualizing the thought process.
~ Rosewood facilitates the opening of the crown chakra.
~ Amethyst increases concentration and confidence in life and brings clarity to the
   conscious and unconscious mind.

USAGE: Drop or spray onto/over the 7th chakra located at the top of the head.  Inhale three deep breaths and exhale the bija mantra (OM).