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Heart (4th)


Purpose:  Love & Center of Purity
Sanskrit:   Anahata
Bija Mantra:  YAM
Reduces build-up of emotional stress and encourages love. Helps one learn to love ones self, resolve internal conflict and expand heart energy.

Essential Oils, Crystals & Stones:
~ Inula helps one express love.
~ Bergamot assists in healing and reopening the heart center when the heart is filled with grief.
~ Rose Geranium assists in loving ones self, to resolve internal conflict, and to experience the
    freedom of joyous love.
~ Rose Otto helps open and heal the heart chakra so love energy can radiate out.
~ Rose Quartz reduces build-up of emotional stress and encourages love.
USAGE:  Drop or spray onto/over the 4th chakra located over the heart   Inhale three deep breaths and exhale the bija mantra (YAM).