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Solar Plexus (3rd)


Purpose:  Personal Power & Inner Guidance
Sanskrit:  Manipura                
Bija Mantra:  RAM

Clears away energy that is no longer serving.  Assists in finding inner truth and strength. Protects against over sensitivity to other people’s energy and helps reduce inner fear.

Essential Oils, Crystals & Stones:
~ Juniper Berry helps clear energy from other’s that has intruded in your energy.
~ Neroli helps one find inner strength and trust.
~ Mandarin helps one connect to their inner child.
~ Lemon increases inner joy.
~ Vetiver protects one from becoming over sensitive.
~ Citrine supports the solar plexus chakra energy,  instills inner call and reduces fear.

USAGE:  Drop or spray onto/over the 3rd chakra located just below the sternum and above the navel.  Inhale three deep breaths and exhale the bija mantra (RAM).