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Third Eye (6th)


Purpose:  Intuition & Inner
Sanskrit:  Ajna
Bija Mantra:  AUM/OM

Deepens intuition and facilitates access to the unconscious.  Helps encourage vivid dreams and connect to inner wisdom.

Essential Oils, Crystals & Stones:
~ Helichrysum activates the right brain, deepening intuition, and facilitating access to the
~ Rosemary clears thoughts and brings clarity.
~ Juniper Berry assists in clairvoyance.
~ Clary Sage encourages vivid dreams and connects one to the dream world.
~ Marjoram opens the third eye and aligns one with the spiritual body, heightening
~ Lapis Lazuli promotes a clear understanding and intuition.

USAGE: Drop or spray onto/over the 6th chakra at the center of the head slightly above eye level.  Inhale three deep breaths and exhale the bija mantra (AUM/OM).