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Chakra Essentials

CHAKRA in Sanskrit means “wheel or cycle”, which represents the vortex or spinning nonphysical energies that are simultaneously coming into our energetic and physical bodies for assimilation and releasing back into the environment.    During life, a person’s chakras can become under used, over used or shut down leaving one feeling drained, scattered, or stuck.   

The following chakra blends were created to help assist the 7 major chakra centers that lie along the midline of the body and Soul Star just above the head.  Essential oils, crystals and stones have been used to help cleanse, strengthen, and balance the chakra energies through their matching energy frequencies.

The best way I have found to assess the status of a chakra is by using a pendulum.  A healthy functioning chakra will have an outward vortex between 3 - 5 inches diameter when held about 4” above the chakra or chakra card (included in set).  Start at the Root chakra and continue up finishing at the Crown or Soul Star.