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Private classes can be arranged with 3 or more participants.  Either email, melissa@essentialwellbeings.com or call, 317-413-0766, to set up a time.

Aromatherapy 101

My desire to teach Essential Oil Blending Classes reemerged a few years ago when I kept being asked, "How do I use all these oils I just purchased?” or "What's your opinion on internal usage of essential Oil?" As a Certified Aromatherapist, I realized that I needed to share what I knew and step up as a local expert in my community so that I could pass on the aromatic knowledge I had gathered over the last 19 years. Today, my purpose in teaching blending classes is to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to safely create essential oil blends for their family & themselves.

I have a retail shop in the Oaklandon/Geist area and offer 10% off my line of certified organic/wild harvested essential oils, carriers, salt, shea butter & containers so you can continue blending outside of class. I also offer Open Blend Classes if you would prefer to make a new blend with my assistance. This is a cost effective way to blend because essential oils are priced per drop, carriers per milliliter or oz and you are welcome to bring in your own essential oils and containers.