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Mind Essentials


Aromatherapy can help bring an individual’s body/mind/spirit back into a state of balance (homeostasis) through our sense of smell.  When aromatic molecules of essential oils come into contact with our olfactory nervous system, some chemicals, such as limonene, can potentially interrupt the stress response, decrease the sympathetic response to the stressor and allow a person time to evaluate the situation.

One can also use Aromatherapy to energize the mind when tired and help one focus when learning new information or recall a memory during a test.

Direct inhalation is the most effective way to use these aromatic blends.  The easiest method is through diffusion for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Our car diffuser is the most effective and requires the least amount of synergy.  Our mists can be spritz above the head and let fall around the body.  Looking up with your eyes closed can enhance the effect, or 2-3 spritzes on the pillow at night can help with restless sleep or hot flashes.