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For The Spirit

Chakra Balancing Blends
Chakras are funnel shaped vortexes that rotate all throughout the body and out into our aura. During life, a person’s chakras can become under or over used and shut down leaving one feeling drained, scattered, or stuck.

Essential oils, crystals & gems can be used to help strengthen and balance the chakra energies through similar vibration, healing color either of the oil, stone or plant part used such as the flower, or the plant part of the distilled oil that represents a particular chakra location on the plant.  The following chakra blends were created to help assist in opening and expanding the 7 major chakra centers that lie along the mid-line of the body and one just above the head. Blends are available in 1 ml glass vials, 1-dram dropper top bottles, 1-dram mist sets, roller ball applicator and 2 oz mists. All blends contain *organic, cultivated without chemicals or wild harvested essential oils w/ corresponding crystals or gems in an organic jojoba base or distilled water.