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Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) - Energy Work ~ Skin Healing ~ Muscle Tension ~ Respiratory


Product Description

Each size comes in an amber glass bottle with orifice reducer.

Frankincense (Boswellia sacra).  Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) is taught in the Root & Resin Essential Oil Blending Class.            

Lot #: EOFRS818 & EOFRS828
Use By Date: 8/2018
Method of extraction: Steam distilled from the resin/gum.
Origin: Oman, Somalialand

Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Odor of Intensity: 7
Note: Middle/Base


INHALATION:  Deep breathes form the bottle can help calm anxiety, deepen meditation & prayer, and help with respiratory issues such as asthma (for its relaxing effect) & bronchitis (calms cough, antiseptic, catarrh).

STEAM INHALATION:  1 - 2 drops in a steam filled bowl of water can help rejuvenate dry, aging skinAvoid with asthmatics due to the hot heat.

TOPICAL APPLICATION: Use in a chest rub for those with asthma or respiratory issues to help reduce tightness in the chest & inflammation.  Great for restless leg syndrome

DIFFUSER: Great combined with sandalwood and diffused in a prayer or meditation room.  Combine with other respiratory essential oils and diffuse at night for respiratory issues.

BATH:  Add a drop or two to running bath water to help calm nerves.  Great combine with lavender to help relax after a stressful day.  Add to a bath salt and set the intention of “cleansing yourself” of old ties no longer serving you.  Add a few drops to running bath water when dealing with respiratory infections such as bronchitis.

Spay Bottle:  Combine with other energy cleansing oils and mist over the head to cleanse the aura of negative energy either from you or others.


The Body:                                                                                  
*Analgesic - rheumatoid arthritis and sports injuries, menstrual cramps, headache/migraine
*Anticatarrhal - asthma & bronchitis
*Anti-infectious - respiratory infections
*Anti-inflammatory - arthritis, rheumatism, sores, boils & ringworm
*Expectorant - asthma & bronchitis
*Immune stimulating
*For the Skin - aging due to antioxidant properties, regenerative, dry, calming to irritation or inflamed skin, hives & sun rash, stretch marks, scars, weathered skin, diabetic venus ulcers & wrinkles

The Mind:
*Antidepressant - nervous depression
*Soothes stressed emotions
*Calms emotions during PMS & menopause

The Spirit:
*Helps quiet the mind to bring body and mind into a meditative state.
*Meditation & Prayer Aid
*Awakens ones’ higher consciousness
*Can help one break FREE from past events
*Helps one to heal on all levels
*Has an affinity with the Root & Crown Chakras
*Wards off negative energy & bad intentions
*Purification & Protection
*Connects one to the divine
*Frankincense - helps one let go of old pain & emotional blocks being held onto

*Maximum dermal Use - 2% (10 - 12 drops in 1 oz carrier)

*Often adulterated.  Know you source. 

*NOT for internal use.

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