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Holiday Gift Bundles

Today's holiday gift bundle includes our most loved winter products from our immune supporting line.

When you purchase our immune supporting aromatic bundle ($80), you will received a FREE Immune Boosting Herbal Tea ($20). Each product will be individually wrapped in holiday paper for easy gift giving. Our intention is that each product will be gifted to either a loved one, a teacher, our kept for yourself.

Reveal Dates:  Each bundle will include one free item

11/8/20 - Immune Supporting Bundle - $80 + Free 5 oz Immune Supporting Herbal Tea

11/11/20 - Calming Bundle

11/15/20 - Magical Moon Bundle

11/18/20 - Keep Clean Bundle

11/22/20 - Happy Heart Bundle

11/28/20 - Small Business Weekend - Sacred Space Bundle

All Bundles will be available until the weekend before Christmas