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Palo Santo + Selenite + White Sage Set - Smudge Essentials

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Benefits ~ cleanse | purify | protect

Each unique Bundle includes one 3" Palo Santo Stick, one 3" raw piece of Selenite, and one 4-5" White Sage Bundle + information and usage card. 

Our Palo Santo + Selenite + White Sage Bundle are all our favorite tools to keep self & home clear of negative energies.  Each piece is to be used individually and not burned all together.

Palo Santo's sweet and intoxicating smoke can be used to clear, purify, protect, and bless a sacred space.  Light the end of the wood piece and allow it to burn for a few seconds.   Blow out the flame and move about the room or home visualizing the sacred smoke clearing negative energies, uplifting your spirit, and bringing in positive energy.  To extinguish, allow it to burn out in a heat proof bowl or shell. {2nd Element, Earth} 3"

Selenite can be kept in your pocket for easy access when feeling overwhelmed or to help remove unwanted energies.  It can also clear energies from stones and your sacred space. {1st Element, Water} 3"

White Sage has been traditionally used to clear, cleanse, and purify energy.  Open a window. Light the end of the bundle allowing it to catch fire. Blow the flame out and fan the smoke with a feather or wave your hand back and forth to keep the bundle smoking. Use the shell to catch ash as you waft the sacred smoke, directing it over yourself, someone else or in a room.  To extinguish, allow it to burn out in the shell. {2nd Element, Earth} 4-5"

The 3rd Element, Fire, is represented when you light an earth element.  The 4th Element, Air, is the smoke releasing from the fire.


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