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Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) - OOS

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 Immune Stimulant ~ CNS Sedative ~ Antidepressant

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) is taught in the Root & Resin Essential Oil Blending Class.            

Lot #: EOV424
Use By Date: 4/2024
Method of extraction: Steam distilled from the root.
Origin: Haiti

Cultivation Method: Wild Harvested
Odor of Intensity: 7
Note: Base


INHALATION:  To help calm and relax the body and mind especially with an over active sympathetic nervous system stuck in fight or flight mood.  (solar plexus & root chakra issues)

STEAM INHALATION:   Synergy for supporting healthy skin

TOPICAL APPLICATION:  Use in a blend for muscular pain and skin issues.  Use in a blend for vaginal thrush.

DIFFUSER: Used in a synergy for meditation & prayer.   Great addition to an immune-boosting synergy.

BATH:  Used in a synergy and added to a salt bath would be great for spiritual or emotional purposes.



The Body:                                                                                  
*Analgesic - muscle, rheumatism, arthritis
*Anti-fungal - candida
*Anti-infectious - general infections, skin infections, acne
*Emmenagogic - amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), oligomenorrhoea (is infrequent menstruation)
*Immune stimulant
*Natural Insect repellant - ticks
*Powerful circulatory oil
*Rubefacient - dilates capillaries and increases blood circulation thus causing a reddening effect on the skin
*Skin Care - acne, cuts, sores, oily skin

The Mind:
*Anxiolytic @ 2.5% (S. Saiyudthong)
*Reduces anxiety
*Mild sedative
*Calming for emotional concerns especially during pregnancy
*Sedative for the nervous system

The Spirit:
*Lifts fears
*Protects against ones’ enemies
*Affiliated with the Root & Solar Plexus Chakra

*Maximum dermal dilution:  15%, dilute prior to dermal application
*Non-toxic, non-irritating unless oxidized.

*No known safety concerns.
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